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LW450 Mud Centrifuges

ProductId:TRLW450 Drilling Mud Centrifuge

Drilling Centrifuge is called Drilling Mud Centrifuges.TR is best decanter centrifuge manufacturer.

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Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge is a kind of Horizontal spiral unloading,Continuous operation of the settlement equipment.LW450 is also the most widely used Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge. LW450 Centrifuge used in oil drilling Solids Control system always. Drilling fluid centrifuge is used for the Recovery of barite in the Oil drilling fluid system. Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge are very important in the cost control of Drilling fluid. Cause it reduces the cost of drilling. LW450 Centrifuge also used for tailing disposal.and sludge dewatering unit.


LW450 Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge are: TRLW450N-1 & TRGLW450N-2 (Common Centrifuge) and TRGLW450N-2V & TRGLW450N-3V (Frequency Centrifuge) 4 models.

Advantage and Features:

1: Material is Duplex stainless steel 2205

2: Long diameter with long length ratio. High bowl speed.Drum cone structure with multiple angles.

3: Feed Screw using special anti-grinding measures.can spray welding cemented carbide protective alloy or wear hard alloy chip.

4:Avoid Double rotor high-speed rotating resonance region phenomenon effectively.

 In the designed rotating range, the machine running no obvious first-order,Second-order resonance zone phenomenon. the bearing seat vibration intensity control in the 2mm/S ~ 4mm/s. Avoid additional damage of various parts of the equipment caused by high frequency vibration.

5:The use of involute planetary gear differential. Transmission ratio.high precision.

6:Using original Import International famous brand bearings. Like Sweden SKF, Japan NSK and etc.

7:The main bearing grease lubrication system.

8:Constant temperature test.

  Every fine machined parts of the machine are tested in the constant temperature ensure the actual processing quality to achieve the design accuracy requirements.

9:GSRL high-speed feeding device.

 By adjusting the interior screw core tube design, without reduce the original fluid separation solution of centrifugal acceleration, shorten the material into the centrifuge with velocity time, reduce vortex disorder, effective separation time of material inside the centrifuge, improve the separation efficiency, realize the separation in the desired speed at the same time to reduce 10%~12% rotation and increased treatment to 15%~25%. At the same time can increase the centrifuge internal working pressure, inhibit the production of liquid foam.

10:Differential speed and torque can be automatically adjusted with the material concentration, flow control microcomputer control system

11:Horizontal Sedimentation Centrifuge with BD board, can be a variety of different proportion of primary precipitation,activated sludge concentration,dehydration and separation of difficult to separate materials.

12: Offer you Centrifuge Inspection Documents and one Year WARRANTY.


Drilling Mud CentrifugeTechnical Parameters






 Bowl Diameter

 450mm (17.7inch)

 450mm (17.7inch)


 550mm (26.6inch)

 Bowl Length





 Max Capacity





 Max Speed





 Rotary Speed















 Main Drive





 Back Drive















Drilling Mud Centrifuge for drilling fluids Solids Control

LW450 Drilling Mud Centrifuge used for barite recovery. The mud,treated by Drilling fluids solids Control Desander and Desilter, will treated again by LW355 Drilling Mud Centrifuge. TRLW450N-1 Centrifuge and TRGLW450N-2 Centrifuge consist of Drilling solids Control. These two models are popular by Drilling Companies.

Mud Centrifuge for sludge dewatering unit

Mud Centrifuge was called Sludge Centrifuge in Sludge dewatering unit. Mud Centrifuge are different with Drilling mud Centrifuge. It is very important of Sludge Centrifuge Screw Conveyor Spiral pitch. If the Shaker and Desander in front of the Centrifuge,then the Centrifuge burden is very small.Centrifuge speed higher, separation effect better. In the same model case. TRGLW450N-2V Mud Centrifuge and TRGLW450N-3V Mud Centrifuge used for Sludge dewatering unit.


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Decanter Centrifuge is a very high expensive equipment compared with other Solids Control devices. Most Centrifuge manufacture located in China. But quality are variety, so please be careful when choice a Drilling fluid Centrifuge manufacture. TR Solids Control is a professional Manufacture for Drilling fluid Centrifuge, and also Exporter for Centrifuge. If you need Drilling Mud Centrifuge and Sludge Centrifuge, Please feel free to contact TR Solids Control.

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