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Solids Control Equipment

Drilling Mud Cleaner

TR Solids Control provide drilling fluids mud cleaner Parameter,Mud cleaner picturer.Tr is designed,selling mud cleaner manufacturer.

Drilling Mud Desander

TR Solids control is an designed,selling of drilling mud cleaner manufacturer. Tr provide desander picture and desander cyclone picture.

Mud Desilter

TR solids control is a desilter supplier,the post introduce mud desilter parameter and desilter cyclone picture.

Mud Agitator

TR solids control Supply drilling mud tank agitator for solids control system,mud agitator parameter, horizontal agitator picture.

Shear Pump

TR Produce linear shale shaker.we are vibrating shaker manufacturer and balanced elliptical shale shaker supplier.

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump for drilling mud system,oilfield and HDD drilling fluids centrifugal pump China manufacturer.

Jet Mud Mixer

Drilling mud jet mixer, bentonite mud mixing system for solids control,China drilling mud hopper,mud tank jet mixer manufacturer

Mud Gun

Mud Gun,bottom type mud Gun,drilling mud guns for the mud system and mud mixing system

Submersible Slurry Pump

TR is an drilling fluid shale shaker manufacturers. TR is an exporter of Balanced elliptical shale shaker.shale shakers approval the API.

Shale Shaker

Balanced Elliptical Shakers

TR Solids Control is an china drilling fluid shale shaker manufacturers. We are an exporter of Balanced elliptical shale shaker.

Linear Shale Shaker

TR Produce linear shale shaker.we are mud shale shaker manufacturer and drilling fluid shale shaker supplier.


Waste Decanter Centrifuge

TR supplys high speed drilling waste centrifuges and Waste Decanter Centrifuges.Drilling Waste Decanter Centrifuge is kind of Centrifuges,

LW450 Mud Centrifuges

Drilling Centrifuge is called Drilling Mud Centrifuges.TR is best decanter centrifuge manufacturer.

355 Decanter Centrifuges

Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge is a kind of Centrifuges. TR produced decanter centrifuge include Drilling cuttings decanter centrifuge.

Drilling Mud Centrifuge

drilling mud centrifuges is a kind of drilling fluids solids control is Drilling mud centrifuges supplier.

Solids Control System

250 Mud System

TRHDD-200 mud recovery system is mainly used in HDD projects with requirements on capacities below 200GPM.

Shield Solids Control

TR produce mud solids control system and shield solids control mud recycling system approval the API.

Solids Control System

tr solids control is an drilling solids control manufacturer.TR produce drilling solids control system and drilling solids control equipment

Drilling Waste Management

Drilling Cutting System

Drilling cuttings management system is a kind of Mud Solids Control system.

Bored Pile Desanding Plant

Bored Pile Desanding

Bored Desanding Plant is the economic way for the mud recycling, it is popular for Bored Pile Slurry desanding plant

Shale Shaker Screen

2000 PWP Shaker Screen

Drilling Shaker Screen include FLC 2000 PWP Shaker Screen and Hookstrip Shaker Screen.

500 PMD Shaker Screen

VSM300 Shaker Screen

VSM300 Vibrating Oil Shale Shaker Screen , VSM300 Shaker Screen For Drilling Mud Shale Shaker.

500 Flat Shaker Screen

FLC 500 Flat Shaker Screen For Drilling Shale Shaker.

Steel Frame Screen

Brandt shaker screen is Steel Frame Screen.brandt shaker screen devided into brandt king cobra screen and VSM 300 shaker screen.

Swaco Shaker Screen

Swaco screen also named Swaco mongosse composite shaker screen. Swaco mongosse screen used in stype of MI swaco mongoose shale shaker.

Composite Frame Screen

Composite shaker screen polular in the large Drilling Companies.

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